Tonatiuh (Nahuatl: Movement of the Sun) was a minor character featured in La Leyenda de la Llorona. The only son of Yoltzin and brother to Ollin. Tonatiuh tragically died, presumably by drowning along with his sister as their boat sailed away without their mother noticing.


Tonatiuh holding back tears

Tonatiuh and Ollin in the afterlife, holding back tears at the sight of his mother for the first time in countless years

Very little is known of Tinatiuh's personality. he appeared to be a very loving child, always happy and smiling in the presence of his family. He was overjoyed to see his mother once again in the afterlife, hugging her and crying out of joy.


Tonatiuh is a short boy, appearing to be around 4 or 5. As most Aztecs, he has dark skin and dark brown hair. He wears a green and blue cloak with a golden symbol keeping it together and wears a golden headband.


Tonatiuh and Ollin and Yoltzin

A humble family

Tonatiuh was born and raised in Xochimilco with his hardworking and humble mother, Yoltzin and would become the older brother to Ollin. Tonatiuh appeared to help his mother with her work and the family enjoyed boat rides together. However, when Yoltzin noticed her house was a flame, she desperately tried to put the fire our, failing to realize her children were still sailing down the rivers. The two were eventually founded by the others but they had both died of unknown causes, though likely drowned or starved from hunger.



Tonatiuh loves his mother very much. Even after her temporary negligence had gotten him and his sister killed, he was incredibly happy just to see her again. He cried and hugged her upon seeing her.


Tonatiuh loves his younger sister, though the two didn't interact much. He was seen holding her hand when the two were in the afterlife.


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