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Toothfairy is the 7th episode of the first season of Legend Quest, as well as the fifth episode to take place in Europe.



After the team get flung through a portal, they end up in not-so-jolly ol' London. Lost Alebrije After getting robbed by an Orphan, Leo & Marcella themselves are mistaken for orphans and are forcefully dragged Dentist Named Mr. Boot to an old Orphanage. There they learn that some mysterious creatures have bee stealing the teeth of kid. After they see a creepy dentist, their suspicions begin to flare.

Official SynopsisEdit

Leo and the gang head to Old London town, where they find a conspiracy that's robbing urchins of their teeth. Is the culprit the creepiest dentist ever? Or is it something MUCH WORSE?. [3]

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