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"They are crazy, everyone is crazy!"
— Torres fearing the idea of ​​escape
"La Leyenda del Chupacabras"

Torres is a hostage that the Insurgents and Leo met, imprisoning him in the old Church. It is not known what his name is, nor his participation in the war against the Realists, being arrested for unknown acts of rebellion

His plan is that he was going to beat Chupacabras but he licked it and falls to the ground

Description Edit

Little is known about him as a person, but from what was observed, he was at ease socializing with his cellmates, joking and laughing with grace, but despite all the joy that kept him calm, he was one of the most frightened with the presence of the nocturnal monster, losing the seaness and cowardly in not wanting to risk his life, to leave.

He looks like a young man of 20 years, thin and neat hairstyle, lifted forward. He wears a white shirt, brown pants and a black belt with a gold clasp.

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