Hey there, everyone! Dark here, I'm the founder of this wiki.

I've noticed a spike in the views and contributors of the wiki as of late. We got nearly 1,000 views in the last week alone! This may not sound like much, but just a few weeks ago, we were getting less then 40 a week. Not only that, but we've been getting new contributors! Not only that, but a Russian Legend Quest wiki just sprouted up, and we've set up a shared file system with them!

I just want to inform any new user that any contributions of the site and welcomed and they should not be shy or afraid to share their knowledge with us. I hope everyone has a good time adding to the wikia. Dammit I'm just beaming with joy, it's 4 AM in the morning and I don't care.

I do wonder though, what caused the sudden interest in Legend Quest? Pan Pizza gave the show a favorable rating months ago, which didn't attract much attention. Even a buddy of mine on the VsBattles Wiki remarked that the wiki was rather unpopulated despite his praise. Maybe more people are just discovering this gem of a series on Netflix? Who knows, but I like it.

Damn i'm sleepy.

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