As some of our more technically minded editors may have noticed, the inner workings of this wiki is a huge mess. I founded this wiki when my knowledge of MediaWiki was limited and fresh. However, that was quite some time ago and I've worked with the software exhaustively since, and as such, my knowledge of it has expanded greatly.

However, my lack of know-how doesn't excuse some of the mistakes I made. Inconsistent use of terminology, bad template design, inconsistent formatting, etc.

I've already fixed the horribly formatted Character infobox we were using and currently fixing uneeded redirects. If anyone spots any problems that needs to be fixed in templates or articles, please let me know in the comments.

Note this is only or technical stuff. As for actual content that needs to be fixed...that's a story for another (hopefully very soon) day.

Also feel free to report any bits of disorganization. I'm trying to fix up the organization of the wiki dramatically. So stuff lie inconsistently named/used categories or categories that should be reduced to macro-categories (I.E. Categories only used to house other categories), please let me know.

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