The Veritas Potion was an item used in Legend Quest, in the episode Vodnik.


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The recipe of the potion

The Veritas Potion was recorded some time ago by The Brotherhood and most likely existed before their documentation of it.

Leo San Juan and Team Legend, though mostly Don Andrés and Alebrije helped develop a batch of the potion in order to force Baba Yaga to tell the truth. The group decided to instead split the potion in two halves, one to use on Baba Yaga and the other to use on the Vodnik in order to figure out how to cure Alebrije, who had his soul removed from his body.


The potion works as a truth serum of sorts, whoever drinks from the potion will be forced to tell three truths, whether they want too or not. The potion also has the side effect of making the victim very talkative, usually talking abut their past experiences and how they became who they were. The potion has the unique ability to be split in half to be used on two victims instead of one. When in half, the potion works essentially the same, but only two of the three questions will be correct, and the third will be a lie.


Real life connectionEdit

"Veritas" was the Roman goddess of truth and the word literally translates to "truth". Veritas was the daughter of Saturn and was the mother of Virtue.


Legend QuestEdit

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