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Xochimilco was a town mentioned in La Leyenda de la Nahuala and later visited in La Leyenda de la Llorona. A humble village known for its churches, mysticism and culture, Xochimilco was once a cheerful and bright city, but it harbored a darker secret underneath its beautiful landscape of rivers, farms and bogs. The town had been haunted by La Llorona, a witch who kidnaps children to make up for the lost of her own.


Early HistoryEdit

Xochimilco was an Aztec settlement famed throughout New Spain for its churches and culture. Considered almost like a sacred place by most, the town is both praised and feared.

The Tragedy of YoltzinEdit

Several years ago, there lived a woman named Yoltzin. She was a very kind and generous woman who was beloved by her townsfolk. She was single, hardworking and humble mother who worked as a flower saleswoman and lived in a small house with her two children, Tonatiuh and Ollin respectively. The three were a loving family who enjoyed their life. However, tragedy arose when their house was caught ablaze. While Yoltzin attempted to put out the fire, her two children were still in a boat and were drifting down the river. Yoltzin didn't notice until it was to late. Soon, her children were missing. The entire village went look for the missing kids, but it was in vain. The two had tragically passed away.

Yoltzin herself went missing, unable to bear the pain of losing her children. Still, life went on at Xochimilco. As her tragedy became forgotten, peace and joy returned to Xochimilco. However, as this happen, Yoltzin haunted Xochimilco, stealing their children to make up for her own.

Terror of La LloronaEdit

Peace Once MoreEdit



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