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Zubieta is a main character of La Leyenda del Chupacabras

He used to be a sergeant of the Realist army following the orders of General Torreblanca It is known that he also participated in the Independence war where his army was victorious. At the end of La Leyenda del Chupacabras Zubieta joins the insurgent side.

History Edit

La Leyenda del Chupacabras

Zubieta is patrolling the royal road with some other soldiers, when the rebel's cart crosses their path. He quickly recognizes Mandujano, because he remembers it from the battle of Zitácuaro, however, in case of doubt he lets it pass. Moments later the group is arrested to show their true intentions. Zubieta is the one who warns Torreblanca of the capture, and who also tells him that a child (Leo) is among the prisoners.

That night, Zubieta meets the rebels released by Nando, and quickly joins them when he sees the threat that Chupacabras represents.

After the group fails to try to escape through the aqueduct, Zubieta has the idea of ​​demolishing the remains of the monastery on the monster, then running to the chapel and having time to flee through the tunnel.

When executing the plan, Zubieta is trapped in the monastery with the others, managing to escape only Leo and Nando. However, somehow manages to get out of there and go to the chapel with José and Garcí

When Leo returns to the chapel to join the two parts of the Iyari, Zubieta approaches to shoot the monster, but only manages to be mortally wounded. His body is rescued with a rope by José and García, leaving it outside the chapel. Once the Iyari is united and the curse is undone, the Chupacabras returns to where Zubieta and returns his life. At the end of the movie, Zubieta deserted from the realistic army to presumably join the insurgent side.

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